Summary of network price changes effective from 1 April 2021

The following table summarises the network company price changes advised to Simply Energy by each network supplier. Note that network charges are typically less than half of an electricity bill. This means a change of 2% to network charges will typically result in a change of less than 1% to an electricity bill.

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Network Code Network Name Average % Change Summary of Price Changes Network Website
ALPE Alpine Energy Ltd -8.10% Alpine Energy's delivery charges (i.e. distribution, pass-through and recoverable, and transmission) are decreasing on average by 8.1%.Given that delivery charges are approximately 30% of consumer’s total bill this means, all other things being equal, the impact on consumers is a decrease of approximately 2.3%. link
BUEL Buller Electricity Ltd Not advised Buller Electricity Limited has made significant changes to their Distribution Pricing for the 2021/22 financial year (from 1st April 2021) and will be publishing information on their website, Facebook page, and in the local newspaper regarding the changes. link
CHBP Centralines Not advised Centralines are electing to both reduce prices and also offer an additional discount to consumers. Residential pricing will reduce by, on average 7.5% while there will be increased reductions for commercial prices. Amongst other changes, Centralines have elected to remove the Irrigator price Category (CH2I) and re-integrate connections into existing commercial categories. The Irrigator category housed a wide range of capacity and usage which along with the seasonal nature of the industry proved less cost reflective and lacked the transparency through to the consumer that removing the category should deliver. link
CKHK Wellington Electricity Lines Ltd Not advised In line with regulatory reporting obligations, overall level of price changes and loss factor information will be provided by 3 March 2021. link
COUP Counties Power Ltd 3.70% Counties Power is increasing lines prices by 3.7% on average from 1 April 2021. This figure is an average increase because principally it has been applied to the fixed price component of the line charges. This means that customers with lower than average consumption will see a higher increase and, similarly, high-volume customers a lower increase. For the low fixed residential tariff group the increase is on the variable prices only. link
DUNE Delta Utility Services Ltd 8.40% Aurora Energy have advised that there will be an average increase in use-of-system charges of 8.4% or by: · 7.6% for the 55,900 customers supplied by the Halfway Bush and South Dunedin GXPs · 10.3% for the 22,000 customers supplied by the Clyde and Cromwell GXPs · 7.8% for the 14,400 customers supplied by the Frankton GXP, including the Frankton sub area and · 1.4% for the 140 customers at the Heritage Estate embedded subdivision. Whilst the average price increase by GXP pricing area is as stated above, there will be variations in the line charges change noted by load groups and individual ICPs. link
EASH Electricity Ashburton -11.60% Electricity Ashburton are reducing prices by approximately -11.6% on average across all customer groups. link
EAST Eastland Network Ltd 4.30% The tariff changes to apply for 2021-22 result in an average 5% increase in the Distribution component and an average 1% increase in Transmission charges. The total distribution and transmission charges across the whole network will increase by an average of 4.3% however these changes vary across the tariffs and customer groups. link
ELEC Electra Limited Not advised All of Electra’s customers will receive an increase in network charges from 1 April 2021. This comprises: · A 1.9% increase in Electra's distribution charges · A 2.5% increase in transmission charges. link
ELIN Electricity Invercargill -9.70% Electricity Invercargill Limited is to decrease its line charges for the residential and general customer groups by an average of 9.7%. The decrease incorporates a 2.9% decrease in Transmission costs. link
HAWK Unison Networks Not advised Residential prices in Hawke’s Bay have for the most part stayed the same and Rotorua/Taupo has seen a small decrease in residential prices, approx. 3%. While there are some small realignments to commercial pricing, overall, prices have stayed as they are. link
HEDL Horizon Energy Distribution Ltd Not advised Overall level of price changes not advised. link
LLNW Lakeland Network 5.00% This year there will be a price increase of an average 5% for the residential and general customer groups from 1 April 2021. link
MARL Marlborough Lines Limited Not advised Due to increases in costs, MLL’s prices will be increasing for selected price plans from 1 April 2021. For remote residential consumers, the applicable price increases reflect the significant cost of supplying those consumers, relative to non-remote consumers. For an ‘average’ non remote domestic consumer (DL, DS15 or DS30 residential) who consumes 8,000kWh per annum, the price increase (post-discount) will be approximately $3.80 per annum (0.4%), excluding GST. link
MPOW Mainpower New Zealand Ltd Not advised Total delivery charges to residential customers will increase between 5% and 6%. The increase is due primarily to an increase in Transpower’s transmission charges of around 5% and a 12.5% decrease in the rebate or discount paid by MainPower to customers. link
NELS Nelson Electricity -4.70% The pricing change is in the order of a 4.7% decrease overall. Loss Factors remain unchanged. link
NPOW NorthPower Limited 1.70% The total revenue Northpower expects to collect from retailers and direct connect consumers is up 1.7% compared to last year. Northpower, with the support of the Northpower Trust will pay a distribution charge discount for the benefit of electricity consumers connected to their network, of $248.40 including GST (for most consumers) in November or December this year, up from $220.80 (including GST) last year. link
ORON Orion New Zealand Ltd -1.10% Combined with other minor variations in cost allowances, the overall average movement is a 1.1% price reduction. Each of Orion's pricing categories has a different exposure to the components that are increasing and reducing, so the impact varies. In summary, the average movements are: · General connection delivery prices (covering all residential and most business connections) are reducing by 0.6%. · Irrigation connection delivery prices are reducing by 0.6%. · Major customer connection delivery prices are reducing by 2.4%. · Streetlighting connection delivery prices are reducing by 2.9%. link
OTPO OtagoNet Joint Venture -6.40% OtagoNet Joint Venture is to decrease its line charges for the residential and general customer groups by an average of 6.36%. The new prices also include an increase in Transmission costs of 5.89%. link
POCO Powerco Ltd 1.40% Network Pricing from 1 April 2021 Powerco’s overall network revenue (comprising distribution, transmission, pass-through costs and other recoverable costs) reflects a price increase of 1.4% relative to last year. link
SCAN Scanpower Ltd 0.00% The Directors of Scanpower have decided on a “price freeze” for the 2021/22 financial year and therefore there are no changes in the pricing. link
TASM Network Tasman Not advised Network Tasman are increasing the revenue recovered from retailers in 2021/22. The transmission component of prices have increased on average by 8% to reflect an increase in transmission (and other pass-through) costs. Network Tasman have also increased the distribution component of prices by 1.5% to reflect an increase in the costs of maintaining and operating the network. The effect of these changes will vary across price categories, depending on specific cost allocations (as outlined in the Network Tasman pricing methodology). link
TOPE Top Energy Ltd 0.10% The total change in Top Energy prices is an increase of approximately 0.1% pre posted discount. This consists of 0.7% decrease in distribution charges and a 4.9% increase in passthrough and recoverable charges. link
TPCO The Power Company Ltd 1.10% The Power Company Limited Board of Directors has determined that there will be an increase to line prices effective from 1 April 2021. The overall increase in line charges is 1.05% for residential and general customers; this incorporates an increase in Transmission costs of 8.1%. link
UNET United Networks 4.60% United Networks See Vector Network summary. link
VECT Vector Networks 4.60% Vectors prices, to apply from 1 April 2021, result in an estimated weighted average price increase for consumers of 4.6% (4.9% for consumers on standard prices). link
WAIK WEL Networks 0.00% Overall level of price changes is zero percent. No structural changes. Large Customer pricing has been adjusted - Uncontrolled supply rates have been reduced to zero, while capacity and excess capacity charges have been increased to levels which ensure the net change is revenue neutral. This change concludes WEL’s multi-year strategy to ensure Large Customer pricing is sending cost-reflective pricing signals. Pricing for Residential, General (SME), Streetlighting, and Unmetered connections, remains unchanged. No loss factor changes. link
WAIP Waipa Networks Ltd Not advised Overall level of price changes not advised. Change in loss factors not advised. link
WATA Network Waitaki 4.50% To ensure Network Waitaki can continue to provide a safe and reliable supply of electricity to customers, they have adjusted pricing so that the business remains sustainable over the long term and allow them to invest in the future of the network. As a result of this adjustment, lines charges will increase 4.5% on average across all Network Waitaki customers. link
WPOW Westpower Ltd Not advised The variable transmission charge component of the tariff has decreased (for mass-market customers) by around 4% in line with changes to both the quantum and timing of Transpower's interconnection charges. With the RCPD peaks remaining in the winter period over the last year, there has been no significant reallocation of coincident peak demands between the various seasonal industries, leading to relatively stable pricing for larger customers for this coming year. The new transmission charges have been transparently passed through to bulk customers, and then spread across the remaining tariff categories to recover the projected annual cost from Transpower. At the same time, Westpower has increased its distribution tariff by 2%. The net effect of these two changes is an overall increase in most of the variable charges. For instance, the domestic uncontrolled rate has increased 1.2% from 12.830 c/kWh to 12.982 c/kWh. Residential fixed charges remain unchanged at $0.15 per day. link

Summary of metering price changes effective from 1 April 2021

The following table summarises the metering company price changes advised to Simply Energy by each metering supplier.  If you know your ICP number, you can find your metering supplier at the my-meter website (see Metering equipment provider)

Participant Code Metering Company Average % Change
TPCO, ELIN, PNET PowerNet 3.8%
COUP Counties Power 1.0%

Additional information
If you’d like us to provide you with the metering data we use to bill you, or have any questions about these price changes, please email us at quoting your Account Number.  We’d be happy to help.